Climate-proof your home, protect your wallet.

See your home’s risk profile and what you can do about it. All for free.

Why Your Climate Risk Matters

Your home's preparedness has costly implications

Whether choosing your next home or looking to protect the one you are in now, knowing your risk and how to limit your exposure is critical. With a rapidly changing climate, can you afford to not know?

More Frequent + Higher Cost Maintenance

Increases in Your Property Taxes

Higher Insurance Rates and Utility Costs

Negatively Impacted Market Value

Taking action is easier than you might think

Though some homes with extreme risk require professional work, for many there are small DIY projects you can do that have a massive impact. Knowing your choices and how each project can benefit you means value today and into the future.

How Quoll Works

We turn climate change complexity into the intelligence and guidance you need. Just enter an address and go!

Your home's risk profile in seconds

Address-specific climate risks and home-level preparedness, layering in the impact climate is having on your area, various costs and rates, and the local economy. You ned a complete picture! 

Tailored Suggestions

See the top ways you can protect your home, how much each project will cost you, it’s expected payback, and links to required items sold by trusted vendor.

Available Discounts

Browse current offers from insurance, banks, and even home improvement stores to make adapting your home more affordable and rewarding than ever before!

Experts at the Ready

Need help understanding your analysis or have other questions? We’re here to help!

How Quoll Saves You Money

When Buying a Home

Being able to compare risk profiles, financial outlook, and preparation needed on homes you’re considering helps you make the right choice for your family and wallet!

As a Homeowner

Understanding your risk and taking action means avoiding unexpected maintenance, unlocking better rates, and buffeting your home’s value in the market!

Intelligence Tailored to You

Address-Specific Data

Our analysis is done on your exact address and takes into account specific costs and impacts in your area. This is critical because because even homes on the same street may have different exposure levels! 

Information You Add Refines the Analysis

When you update data about a given home, that data is used to rerun our analysis. That means more specific risk profiles and tailored guidance!

Your Data is Never Shared

You can rest easy. Your data is not available to any companies, nor any other users. Period. Your enhanced analysis and suggestions are seen by you and you alone!