What Does It Mean to be Resilient?

You’ve probably heard the term “resilient” used to describe things like power grids and other infrastructure. But what does it mean when it comes to you and your home?

For homeowners, being resilient means that regardless of what a changing climate brings - a bad economy, the storm that hits your house, or the bills that keep going up - you’re able to protect your family, keep your home safe and, ensure your investment.

Things Resilient Homeowners Do​

Home climate risk, affordability and long term value risks
Check Out Online Resources
Research the financial and physical risks threatening your home.
People looking at home finances and their climate risk
Decide What's Right for You and Your Family
Make a list of the things you need to consider that makes sense for your home, family and finances.
Man working on DIY project
Take Action
Make an action plan, pick your first project and get started!
Man preparing home and completing home maintenance
Plan for Maintenance
Consider the seasonality of your climate risks and make a year round plan for maintaining your home.
People working on community projects
Work With Your Community
Talk to your neighbors about their risks and tackle a project or two together.

How to Get Started

We get it, this can feel like a scary, daunting topic. But that's why we're here! What's important is that you understand what you're up against and have a plan. Luckily, our resources page is full of ways to get you started.