Climate Risk is More Than One-Off Disasters

Source: New York Times

Major disasters are increasing in frequency, severity, and impact, but so too are long-term changes to your local environment, which overlap, occur nationwide and can be just as destructive. You need to understand and account for both!

Your Home's Future Rests on Three Factors


How Prepared is Your Home For Your Specific Risks

Is your home hardened? Are you financially prepared if costs sudden go up or your home's value is hurt?


How Prepared Are Your Neighbors and Their Homes

If their homes need repairs or are destroyed, that raises your rates and can affect your property value!


How Exposed is the Local Economy and Government

Replacing infrastructure can require raising taxes, and an impacted economy can hurt property values!

Where Climate Risk Becomes Financial Pain

one-off repairs increase

Maintenance costs skyrocket as more parts of your home are impacted, often in ways you never considered!

Recurring bills Increase

Companies and the government pass risk back to you in the form of insurance rate, utility, and tax increases!

Long-term value at risk

Buyers don't want to pay as much for homes with high ownership costs or in areas with an impacted economy!

Millions of Homeowners at Risk

100 M
Americans living in counties where FEMA declared a disasters in 2021
35 %
Homes that are underinsured (by up to 50% of value in some states)
20 %
average increase in home insurance rates over last 10 years